Love and attention are at the root of every Nonna Gaby recipe, and it’s the foundation that Nonna Gaby was created on. With a passion for pure and wholesome ingredients, Nonna Gaby puts her heart into every step of the recipe and aims to leave you with a full belly - and heart!

About Gabrielle Kassin:

Gabrielle Kassin is the Chef behind Nonna Gaby. With a background in medicine and the arts, Nonna Gaby is proof that if you put your heart into what you love anything can be achieved. Nonna Gaby set herself on a mission to spread her love of food with others and inspire people to become more comfortable in their kitchens.

Nonna’s food philosophy, like her recipes, is fairly simple -- eat real food! By cooking for yourself, you will ultimately lead a healthier life, because the food you will be eating is wholesome, real food.  It’s Nonna Gaby’s wish that home-cooked meals become a way of life rather than an activity you treat yourself to sporadically. While cooking can be intimidating, Nonna Gaby knows how to add some fun into the mix to make you more comfortable, excited and hopefully LOVE being in the kitchen.

Once an art history expert, teacher, pre-med clinical researcher and now a recipe developer - Nonna Gaby now gets to teach people how to cook by sharing her own recipes and tips she loves -  she can’t wait to spread the love with you.