Foods for Travel

I used to be one of those people that HATED traveling with food. I liked to pack light and not have to worry about where everything was going to fit. Today, I am singing a whole different tune! I practically travel with food everywhere I go. Especially those big trips -- I like to avoid being hangry at all costs! 

Some of my favorite plane, train and automobile favorite snacks include:

  • Smoked Salmon Sandwiches -- One of my favorite protein options for travel because it is very easy to store and make last minute! If you want to assemble en route that is also a possibility (I did this on the plane en route to England. And no, it did not stink up the whole plane) If I am feeling fancy I get a croissant from my favorite neighborhood bakery and have a fancy sammie :p

  • Fresh ginger tea aka ginger chunks in hot water -- I get seasick, airsick, train sick you name it. Sometimes even the thought of movement on a travel day can trigger my nausea. For airports, I usually bring a thermos with sliced ginger and enough hot water to get me through security. Then when I get though I top off my thermos with hot water from a cafe or from the plane

  • Granola -- In case you have a sweet tooth and want a little crunchy snack! Always easy to have around :)

  • Overnight oats -- these are great when you are traveling or when you know you have a busy morning the next day. I would err on the safe side and not bring this on a plane as some airport security may deem it too liquidy. You don’t want to have your overnight  oats confiscated. I have been there and it is very sad.

  • Hard boiled eggs -- peel them before you put in a tupperware and season and slice with salt and pepper. Believe it or not, these are smellier than the smoked salmon so be mindful where you eat them!

  • Avocado and crackers -- my favorite snack when traveling or not! All you need is a plastic knife and the avocado shells serve as a bowl for scooping :P

**I also carry a can of emergency tuna fish with me (Extreme? Maybe... but I’ve never been sorry to have it!)

Stay tuned for recipes for Granola and Overnight Oats!


Nonna Gaby

Gabrielle Kassin