Fun-size Date "Candy Bars" - A Halloween Treat


Halloween doesn’t have to scary if you have these guys around!

These delectable fun size treats are perfect for Halloween… no tricks here. AND they are super duper easy to make!! I know it is no longer acceptable to pass out home made treats to trick or treaters, but if you are planning on having a halloween party your guests will appreciate this healthy sweet treat (and so will their blood sugar levels!)

As a kid, I loved the fun-size candies because you could try a bunch of different flavors and you can do the same here with the filling and toppings!

The following isn't a traditional recipe, but you can definitely have fun with the different varieties and try different options for your fun size candy bars. I made these at a dinner party recently and everyone flipped for them. It's a great sweet treat to have on hand that requires minimal prep time and maximum enjoyment. If you’re like my grandmother and have the occasional sweet tooth, these are great to keep in the freezer (though my grandmother keeps actual fun-size candy bars in her freezer). For me, one or two does the trick! 

So without further adieu, I present to you my favorite candy bar like treat! (NO TRICKS)

What you'll need: 
- Medjool dates
- nut butter or sun butter
- flakey sea salt
- cinnamon

Optional items: 
- chocolate chips or shaved chocolate from a bar
- coconut flakes
- crushed nuts of choice

What to do: 

  1. Make sure to pit your dates lengthwise - I use a sharp knife to slice down the middle and pick the pit out with my hands (note: you are not slicing the date completely in half)

  2. Arrange dates on a plate with some parchment paper underneath

  3. Spoon a small amount of nut butter into the crevice you created from pitting the date (about a teaspoon, date sizes vary)

  4. Sprinkle each date with some salt and cinnamon (and/or any other of the optional toppings)

  5. Place in the freezer for at least 15 minutes

If you are keeping the dates in the freezer for longer or keeping them around to have on hand, make sure to let them thaw for a few minutes before digging in as they could be tough on your teeth! 



Nonna Gaby 



Gabrielle Kassin